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MBPJ Seizes Items From Bandar Sri Damansara Homes Owing RM1.1m in Arrears

Petaling Jaya — Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) enforcement officers raided 500 homes in Bandar Sri Damansara belonging to people who owe RM1.1 million in unpaid assessments.

The officers raided terraced houses, medium and luxury condominiums and confiscated goods on Feb 16 to recover the arrears which date back from two years ago.

The seizures were carried out under Section 148 of the Local Government Act.

Owners of the seized assets may recover their items by paying their owed assessments within seven days, failing which their belongings will be auctioned off by MBPJ to recover the amount, said its treasury department senior assistant director Norsharena Md Isa.

She added that the council has managed to collect RM45,000 over the weekend after home owners paid their arrears online.

According to her, the council had put up 60 buntings and 10 banners around Bandar Sri Damansara to remind people to pay their assessments and has set up EZ-Pay counters in SD12, SD2/1, Damansara Damai and SS24 in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

She also reminded ratepayers that they can easily check their status on eps.mbpj.gov.my and the council sends out SMS alerts to remind them to pay up.

They should also update the council if there is a change of property ownership by bringing a copy of their sale and purchase agreement and MyKad to the council’s headquarters here.

The next raids will be at Damansara Damai (March-5) involving 1,640 cases of unpaid assessments amounting to RM3.4 million, followed by Ara Damansara (March 30-April 2) involving 467 cases of arrears amounting to RM1.1 million.